Doing your own fundraiser and need buns? We are your Bakery

An Example of an 8 Inch Fish Bun

Hoagie Buns Available for Your Fundraisers

We can make a full line of Fresh Never Frozen Hoagie buns for Your Fundraising Needs

Sizes Available

We can make you anywhere from a 3 in to a 24 inch bun.

Whether its for a Hoagie or a Sausage sandwich we cover the sizes you need.  

Full Bake and Par Baked Buns Available

Depending on your tastes we can either do a Full bake bun or a Par baked (softer bun) The Choice is yours

All Other Buns

If you are looking for other Buns we make those as well from dinner rolls to slider buns to jumbo hot dog buns and so much more just look over our menu and  call us to Discuss your individual needs.